A Photographer is always greatly effected by the other vendors a couple hire. From the Hair and Make-Up artists who help the women shine throughout the day, to the Florist who is able to reflect the couple's unique personalities in their arrangements, to the DJ who is not only the conductor at the reception but also acts as a gracious host to your guest, and to the Ceremony and Reception locations that create the perfect environment for your special day. Because all of these aspects are so important, I have made it my own little project to compile a list of Recommended Vendors to help Brides and Grooms have the best day possible!

This is a new project and I plan to update this page as I work with new vendors.


Hair Stylist

Amy Bernal (p: 952-994-7742)

I have known Amy for many years now. She is an up-beat, creative, down to earth person who is amazing to work with! I love Amy's work so much, that I asked her to do my hair for my own wedding. I would recommend her to any Brides still looking for a fun hair stylist for their big day!


Make-Up Artist









Ceremony and Reception Location



Cake Vendor

Buttercream Bakery (http://buttercream.info)

I have loved Buttercream Bakery ever since I first tried them while planning my own wedding. They have so many wonderful flavors and their frosting is delicious! I see their cakes at wedding after wedding after wedding and have never had a bad piece or heard one bad word about them from others. Now all that might be well in good, expected even, but Buttercream also comes with an added bonus. You may or may not be familiar with the tradition of keeping the top layer of your cake to eat on your one year anniversary. For most couples this means sitting down to "enjoy" a frostbite cake. Well not for Buttercream Bakery customers! When your one year anniversary rolls around, just call them up and you'll receive a freshly baked cake for Two!



Paul Singn (e: [email protected], p: 952-649-2299)

I met Paul at a wedding in Prior Lake, MN. He handled the audio for the ceremony as well as DJ'ed the reception. He was a professional at all times, but extremely fun to work with. Paul has his own company called Singh Entertainment & Productions. I would recommend him to any couple looking for a fun, knowledgeable DJ for their wedding!



Snap Yourself! (http://www.snapyourself.com/)

While at a wedding in Mankato, I ran across Snap Yourself! photoboothes. Photoboothes are without a doubt very popular at weddings these days, so I have seen my fair share of them. I was extremely impressed with the pictures that Snap Yourself! photobooth produced. They also don't have a "booth" but simply a backdrop and camera. If you have an area where the flash wont be a distraction or an issue, then this allows mobs of people to get into each picture! This is great for some shots with an entire bridal party! Below is an example of one of their photos from the wedding I mentioned earlier. The Bride had pulled me over for a picture and her brother and sister photo bombed us, but it was such a fun shot!